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Grip Pod

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The Grip Pod System (GPS) is a versatile AR accessory that has become a staple for armed forces the world over. Imagine having a bipod ready to use with the simple push of a button. No minute-long preparations and no entangling involved. This system allows operators to have that weapon functionality plus more. Doubling as a vertical foregrip, the Grip Pod offers stability even when the bipod is not employed in the regular CQB position. Within seconds when lying down into the prone position, operators can have the two legs of the bipod deployed and instantly improve their aim accuracy and stability. There is no need to clip on the bipod manually, losing precious time and effort, since the system is already integrated into the weapon at all times and ready when needed at the push of a button. The Grip Pod is made out of aerospace materials, offering durability and strength amazingly.

For many years, Picatinny rails were considered arguably the best way to attach new features to a rifle. However, the space they took up as well as their weight has always been an issue. Also, it is desirable in competition shooting to have both a bipod and a vertical foregrip on the rifle as each adds to the accuracy in both long and short-range shooting. However, having both on a rifle can be somewhat clunky as the functions may get in the way of each other.

Enter the Grip Pod as a single rail solution that provides the features of a vertical foregrip and a bipod all in one ( a Vertical Grip Bipod). This device is mostly a vertical foregrip that has a spring-loaded bipod inside that can be deployed at the touch of a button.

The Grip Pod is lightweight and takes up less space than using a conventional bipod. However, the best feature is the single-button deployment system, which will get you ready to shoot from the prone position faster than traditional bipods. While there are specific benefits of having a conventional bipod, the Grip Pod is well suited for shooters who have high skill and experience levels because they can take advantage of the stability while enjoying an increase in speed thanks to the lightweight materials and rapid deployment of the unit.

Another subtle advantage is that you do not have to swap out parts regularly when going to events. For example, if you are competing in a division that does not allow bipods then use the foregrip and do not hit the button. This will undoubtedly save a little wear and tear on your rifle over time, assuming that the foregrip itself is comfortable for you to use.