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Grip Pod | ON SALE

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Choosing the Best Grip Pod for your needs

The Grip Pod System (GPS) is a versatile AR accessory that has become a staple for armed forces the world over. Imagine having a bipod ready to use with the simple push of a button. No minute-long preparations and no entangling involved. This system allows operators to have that weapon functionality plus more. Doubling as a vertical foregrip, the GPS Grip Pod offers stability even when the bipod is not employed in the regular CQB position. Within seconds when lying down into the prone position, operators can have the two legs of the bipod deployed and instantly improve their aim accuracy and stability. There is no need to clip on the bipod manually, losing precious time and effort, since the system is already integrated into the weapon at all times and ready when needed at the push of a button. It is made out of aerospace materials, offering durability and strength amazingly.

For many years, Picatinny rails were considered arguably the best way to attach new features to a rifle. However, the space they took up as well as their weight has always been an issue. Also, it is desirable in competition shooting to have both a bipod and a vertical foregrip on the rifle as each adds to the accuracy in both long and short-range shooting. However, having both on a rifle can be somewhat clunky as the functions may get in the way of each other.

Enter the Grip Pod System as a single rail solution that provides the features of a vertical foregrip and a bipod all in one ( a Vertical Grip Bipod). This device is mostly a vertical foregrip that has a spring-loaded bipod inside that can be deployed at the touch of a button.

The Grip Pod is lightweight and takes up less space than using a conventional bipod. However, the best feature is the single-button deployment system, which will get you ready to shoot from the prone position faster than traditional bipods. While there are specific benefits of having a conventional bipod, the Grip Pod is well suited for shooters who have high skill and experience levels because they can take advantage of the stability while enjoying an increase in speed thanks to the lightweight materials and rapid deployment of the unit.

Another subtle advantage is that you do not have to swap out parts regularly when going to events. For example, if you are competing in a division that does not allow bipods then use the foregrip and do not hit the button. This will undoubtedly save a little wear and tear on your rifle over time, assuming that the foregrip itself is comfortable for you to use.

Functionality of the Grip Pod

  • Automatic bipod legs extract as quickly as two tenths of a second.
  • Instantly deploys with the push of a button.
  • Incredibly light, weighing as little as 7 ounces.
  • Models designed for use on squad automatic weapons and other large man – portable weapon systems. (GPS.01SAW)
  • Features the ability to add a single or dual light rail accessory.


  • Has been proven to withstand the weight of a 240 pound man standing on a the deployed legs.
  • Has come up on top in a 9 month long U.S. Army competitive bipod durability comparison.
  • Is constructed with reinforced, advanced aerospace polymer.
  • Legs are constructed with polymer which encapsulate stainless steel inserts. (GPS.02)
  • Legs are constructed with 7075-T6 aluminum. (GPS.01SAW)


  • Has been completely approved and adopted by the United States Armed Forces.
  • Is in use by the United States SWAT teams, DEA, FBI, and Border Patrol.
  • Has been adopted for use by the British Army.
  • Has been adopted for use by the Australian Military.

Popular Grip Pod Products:

  1. Grip Pod LE - Orginal LE Model - Versatile, Accurate and Ultra-Durable Vertical Grip Bipod
  2. GPS Grip Pod 02 - Military Model - constructed from aerospace materials with steel reinforced legs, rendering its strength far above any national and international military specifications.
  3. Grip Pod V2 - has-been reformed for ergonomic purposes
  4. Grip Pod Saw - Polymer Handle and Aluminum legs with a mil-spec hard coat finish.

What people are saying about the Grip Pod:

One Word: AWESOME!

At first, I thought the Grip Pod looked too big compared to my Magpul VFG, but this is nice as hell! I have the LE version, and it's plenty sturdy. It also acts as a convenient stand so I can detail both sides of my AR. The only problem is I have to take it off to put my rifle in my Blackhawk soft carrying case, but that's easy enough with the one thumb screw and takes seconds. Yes, I could spend a hundred bucks on another case, but it's really not necessary. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! 

- Joe

Versatility is welcome

It's great to have both a vertical foregrip and a bipod all in one. I use the foregrip all the time, and every once in a while need a bipod. It's great that I can make a quick decision, press a button, and suddenly I've got a bipod. I really appreciate that aspect. One thing I don't like is the thickness of the grip at the attachment point. It's thick and blocky and has to be to manage the bipod deployment button and mechanisms. But sometimes you go to grip it, and your hand grabs right under your rail (it's an index point)... which is right on the blocky part at the top. It's not very comfortable, and you end up readjusting your grip. It's a minor point, but it is still one thing about the grip that annoys me.


The Grp Pod is a Great Product!

This is a well designed and sturdily constructed product. The legs deploy with a push of a button and retract simply by pushing them up into the grip. They lock automatically once they are in place. The bipod legs are steel lined, and the hinge is also steel. The legs are stable when deployed, and are the correct height when shooting from the bench. The feet are wide enough to resist sinking into the ground when shooting prone. I like this product.

- Jake

The Grip Pod is quick, easy, and fun!

I was first issued the grip pod for a 2008 deployment to Iraq, and have now deployed twice with it. Having a single piece of gear that can fill two roles very well is a no brainer for most. It mounts very easily, requiring no tools, just a simple plastic wing nut that does not protrude too much. The front and back of the grip are ribbed for extra gripping, while the sides are flat to accommodate pressure pads for light, lasers, etc. The release button for the bipods is ideally located in line with the barrel at the top of the grip, in perfect thumb position. A simple push and the two legs rapidly shot out and spread (its great fun to "pop" the legs onto a sleeping Marine when boredom sets in!). Now, be advised, the grip pod is rather large by another verticle for grip standards. I found the extra girth to be comforting on long patrols, and the extra length came in handy too after long hours. I have never been a fan of bipods on patrol rifles; they always get in the way when deployed, they rattle, and if they are stowed, they cannot be rapidly deployed. The grip pod solves all of these problems, as you can easily deploy with the push of a button while dropping to the prone. As with all gear, this requires periodic disassembly and cleaning, or the feet will not fully deploy when in a dusty environment. All in all, an excellent piece of gear that I will gladly purchase again and would highly recommend to anyone.

- Smprgumbi

Great Product!

I love my Grip Pod. Very quick to deploy, and the gun is very stable. I used a Harris bipod before getting this. The gun is just as easy to shoot and it weighs much less than the Harris bipod. Plus, it looks cool, and that's also important!



Alt Description:

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