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At Elite Tactical Systems Group their goal is to provide their customers with innovative products by utilizing cutting edge design, materials, and manufacturing processes. They offer durable, top quality, American-made products built to withstand the rigors of combat.

What people are saying about Elite Tactical Systems:

If you've only got one hand like me - BUY THIS!

This Elite Tactical Systems loader is a thumb saver! I saw a buddy using it at the range for his mags and wanted to try it. After that, I was hooked! It works beautifully - most of the time. The only thing I have found that it doesn't like is the synthetic ammo (polymer tip) as opposed to FMJ or HP. It just seems a little too big to load every time. If you're using it for range rounds, this will work every time - make sure you follow the directions (super simple) correctly. Sorry happy to have found this even though it costs me more money in the end due to going through ammo so much faster! Lol


The name of the game is Speed!

I can load a box of 50 into my mags in about 30 seconds or less with the ETS speed loader 9mm. You'll need a little bit of hand strength to make that happen, and some mags are stiff when they are new. Some folks have said negative things about this speed loader bending the metal on the mags? I've not experienced this in my six months of owning this, my only experience with this speed loader is that I'm faster at reloading then my buddies :P


Fastest "caddy" ammo loader. Period.

The first one I received didn't work. I contacted Elite Tactical Systems, and they responded quickly, with pictures of what to check for. The ramp on the feed was broken, possibly by me, and never worked correctly. The replacement met, and even exceeded all of my expectations for loading mags for my brand new M&P 9 M2.0 4.25. Using boxed ammo, there is no faster way to load magazines. As advertised, it should get even better with use. Lifetime warranty. Very happy with this purchase.


Works as advertised!

I've loaded a few thousand rounds with the ETS speed loader now, and it's holding up great. Works exactly as advertised! Perfect for 30rd Glock mags. It stays in the case with my KelTec sub2k and rides off-road in my Jeep all the time. It can feel a bit cheaply made when losing an exceptionally stiff magazine (it'd be awesome if they made an aluminum version), but I haven't had a single issue.


It worked on all my mags!

This ETS speedloader is excellent. If you buy packaged ammo, this is a considerable time (and thumb) saver. I can't see myself using it on loose, bulk ammo, but that isn't typically how I buy ammo anyway. It takes more strength than I anticipated, but it works well with a big burst of power. I also found leaving space between the rounds before you "power" them in helps. Even the more oil, the better. It works on my M&P mags, Beretta PX4 mags, and it worked easiest on the Kahr single stack mags. I only tried 9mm since I don't have any guns in the other calibers listed.


Must have for high capacity magazine

Pistol caliber carbine competition allows use of 30-round magazines. These can take a while to load even with a device like UpLula, but with the ETS speed loader, you can load 30 rounds in a minute or two. Pretty slick, and no deformation of magazine feed lips so far. There is a break-in period after which the pressure required to load seems to lessen, and a very light application of white lithium grease seemed to work well in the cartridge feed rail.


Best $25 piece of plastic I ever bought

I rushed to try the elite tactical systems speed loader out as soon as it came in, and I can't stop talking about it. It takes a few tries to get the hang of it without jamming the loader, but once you're familiar, it makes loading my mags a thousand times quicker. Even with the little thumb-saver, my pistol mags came with, I was still tired of spending half of my range time reloading. Now that I have this handy little toy, I can scoop ten rounds at a time off the tray and fill up my three mags in a little over 30 seconds. I read reviews stating that it doesn't like HK VP9/P30 mags, but mine work just fine. Just make sure you oil the surfaces recommended in the instructions, and make sure the mag stays firmly seated, and you're good to go.


It works well so far!

The ETS Elite Tactical Systems CAM Universal speed loader worked well for loading my Sig p229. Tight fit initially of the magazine into the loader. The first few times, trying it wasn't straightforward but became easier. Had some issues loading the last 3 in a 13 round clip loading ten then 3, so changed it to 6 then seven rounds and had no problems, even loading 3, then 10 worked well. Also, notice some minor scuffing to the case from each bullet pushing on the next one as it's loaded into the mag. I suspect the last few have the most scuffs because the spring is tighter as the last few rounds load. Overall this was a good buy. Time will tell how it holds up.


Like magic

Magic! This is the only magazine speed loader that I would consider an auto-loader. It feeds 13 rounds at once like magic. One pushing handle; 0 moving parts and built of a solid polymer so that it won't damage my magazines. Somehow it also sits my 8 round single stack. Out of the box, I loaded 13 Glock magazines, 4 CZ, and two single stack BM in less than 5 minutes. I have a butler creek, Lula, Glock, and another "one bullet at a time" loader; that's about $80 in loaders that I'll never touch again.



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The distinction between inferior quality and premium Magazine Loader is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer Pistol Magazine Loaders from the most trusted brands like Elite Tactical System. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.