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Breakthrough Solvent

Breakthrough Solvent

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What choose Breakthrough Solvent?

Cleaning firearms have always been a tricky process as standard solvents contain petroleum and other toxic chemicals that may do harm when exposed to over a long period of time. Technology which has augmented many different fields in our lives had seemingly bypassed solvents as they remained based on the same chemicals, until now

Breakthrough Clean Gun Cleaner Solvent is a revolutionary, state of the art solvent that has used new technology to create a substance that is now quicker to use and safer than ever before. With Breakthrough, you can put away the old toxic solvents of the past and now rely upon one that works better while containing very few harmful substances.

What is Breakthrough Solvent?

Essentially, Breakthrough Clean Gun Cleaner is a chemical solvent that is based on petroleum, but thanks to new technology have been distilled to the point where all the hazardous waste and carcinogens have been removed. However, it will not freeze so it can be used under many different temperature conditions. Breakthrough is very low in toxicity while having no odor, making it a highly desirable solvent for cleaning firearms.

Also, Breakthrough Gun Cleaner contains no benzene and offers a low vapor pressure control system that will regulate the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). The product is designed to be pH neutral which means that it is safe to use on the wooden parts of your firearm as well as any polymers that might be present.

The Advantage of Breakthrough Solvent.

There are some benefits to using this product over traditional solvents. For many, Breakthrough will represent a real solution to their firearm cleaning needs without having to take extraordinary precautions.

Effective: This solvent will remove all residue and fouling in your firearms as well as from different materials as well such as copper, brass, and carbon. The dirt and grease are removed as well in this process in which Breakthrough is applied just like any other solvent.

Environmentally Sound: While not free of toxins, the amount that Breakthrough contains is significantly reduced compared to the competition. For those who have been forced to take extraordinary steps in protecting themselves while using firearm solvents before can now rest a little easier. It is recommended that you use Breakthrough Gun Cleaner is an open, airy place so that any toxicity does not linger in one area for very long.

The complete package of benefits that Breakthrough offers is one that contains many advantages but does not provide the same level of issues as other firearm cleaning solvents.

  • Non-Corrosive, Benzene-Free, and Non-Flammable
  • Non-Water Base, pH Neutral, and does not Freeze
  • Low Toxicity, Low Vapor Pressure, and Non-Carcinogenic

Each of these advantages translates into a solvent that works quite well in cleaning your firearm and is even used daily by the Department of Defense.

The most significant advantage that Breakthrough Clean Gun Cleaner Solvent offers is that it cuts through fouling and grit faster than the competition which means that you get all the environmental advantages and a better product as well. For those who are looking to get a safe, useful product to clean their firearms, Breakthrough Gun Cleaner is the one that works for you.