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Breakthrough Clean

Breakthrough Clean

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About Breakthrough Clean

In 2013, Breakthrough Clean released their flagship product Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent in response to an ever-growing demand for a more efficient, odorless, user-friendly, and eco-friendly cleaning solvent, which worked effectively and securely to remove carbon monoxide out of firearms fast. During Breakthrough Clean's continual commitment to excellence, state of the art research, and procedures, they now provide a whole gun maintenance system aimed to make maintaining and cleaning your firearm simpler, safer, and quicker than ever before.

Breakthrough Clean's solvent eliminates more contaminants than many leading gun cleaners, and its lubricants easily withstand extreme temperatures and decrease the frequency of necessary applications, all while prolonging your firearms life. Breakthrough Clean is the choice for gun owners who settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to the maintenance of their firearms, bows, knives, and fishing reels.

What people are saying about Breakthrough Clean products:

New Cleaning Standard!

Based upon the way the cleaner works, I am changing the way all guns are cleaned in my shop. A little Breakthrough Cleaner spray and a toothbrush will completely loosen stubborn debris. It is easily wiped clean. The cleaner has no odor.

Tyler Gunsmith

Stop Using Your Old Solvents...

I've been using strong smelling solvents for years and the house had those odors for hours and up to a day. I found that Breakthrough Clean works the same if not even better than your traditional solvents. No scent and it works!


Breakthrough Clean does what its suppose

This stuff does what its suppose to do and doesnt take a phd to learn how to use it spray it on and let it sit for a few seconds and wipe or scrub away repeat if needed ive tried name brand CLPs and find that breaking down your cleaning, lubing, and protecting in to separate individual steps you can get much better results and having a dedicated solvent you can get a much better cleaning all together and the fact there is almost 0% smell to me i can do all my cleanings in my room and not have to worry about opening windows and running fans if your one of those people that needs to see how its used or see end result look up youtube vids on the product


Alt Description:

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  • Battle born syringe
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