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Bobbie Weiner Makeup

Bobbie Weiner Makeup

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Known around the Hollywood community as “Bloody Mary,” Bobbie Weiner has developed her reputation for creating convincing makeup and prosthetics for movies over the past twenty years. For different movie and television projects, she has specialized in creating fake bullet holes, burns, and even frostbite. One of her most dramatic creations was turning 200 extras for the blockbuster film “Titanic” into frozen, drowned corpses. However, the best example of her transformation capabilities was arguably on herself.

Back in 1993, Weiner’s husband of ten years suddenly demanded a divorce. He was a prominent surgeon in Los Angeles, and Bobbie Weiner lifestyle was suddenly changed. Nearly broke and forty-six years old, Weiner was sitting at the hair salon for what she thought was her last appointment when a stylist recommended that she become a makeup artist for film and television. Bobbie proceeded to sign up on a Thursday, and by Monday she was attending classes.

Her first job in films was for Pumpkin Head II, a minor cult horror film that garnered Bobbie Weiner Makeup the nickname of “Bloody Mary.” For 15 hours work and $35, Bobbie had accepted a job that two others had turned down. However, they didn’t realize what an opportunity was missed. From then on, Bobbie was never out of work thanks to her sterling effort on the Pumpkin Head II set.

Bobbie Weiner Makeup reputation was built on her basic form of research. At night, she would visit emergency rooms and funeral parlors to see what actual corpses looked like so she could recreate that for the films. Her reputation, however, reached new heights when she worked on the film Titanic. When she applied makeup to a person that made them look dead in a mere seven minutes, she was hired on the spot.

However, she got another break when a stunt double asked her to do his face paint for a San Diego Chargers game. Three weeks later, she pre-sold a like a sports fan make up to more than 40 universities and colleges. Her determination was such that when the bank turned down her loan, she sold her car and raised the money.

Another break came when an officer from Camp Pendleton found out her makeup work for Titanic lasted five to six hours in 90-degree temperatures. He asked if she could create new camouflage makeup for the troops under his command. Bobbie’s “can-do” attitude paid off, and in turn, she created a line of “Bloody Mary” Halloween makeup that included fangs and fake blood as well.

The secret to Bobbie Weiner Makeup success is a simple one. She never turned down an opportunity that could advance what she was doing. Also, success is earned one step at a time as there are no overnight successes in her view. To make it in the business, she had to start by crawling. When you consider that her first job paid just over $2 an hour for 15 hours of work, her current position as one of Hollywood’s most notable makeup stylists is undoubtedly impressive.