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Bobbie Weiner Camo Face Paint

Bobbie Weiner Camo Face Paint

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The Armed Forces and Navy Seals use Bobbie Weiner Camo Face Paint, but it can be useful during hunting trips as well.

Short Description:

  • They can be bought in 3, 4, and five color kits and also as paint sticks in sets of 3.
  • Grey, black, olive green, brown, mud brown, loam, sand – these are some available shades.
  • Made with high-quality components that don’t damage the skin in any way – no itching, rashes, or redness.
  • Kits & sticks both have a pocket-sized, compact structure.


  • Easy to clean up – use water and soap to wash it out.
  • Completely odorless, non-glare and light on the face – you won’t feel the slightest bit of discomfort.
  • Kits include a wedge sponge and mirror for convenience – these are durable and airtight.
  • Paint sticks have an added benefit – you won’t need to use fingers as the tubes can be directly applied on the skin.

Bobbie Weiner Camo Face Paint can be used under harsh weather conditions as it is quite long-lasting – place your order now!