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AccuShot Monopod | ON SALE

AccuShot Monopod | ON SALE

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Popular Accushot Monopod Models

  1. Accushot BT12-qk - Standard height Precision Rail Monopod (PRM) with QK01 Quick Knob. Attaches to standard 1913 Picatinny rail.
  2. Accushot BT13-qk - mid-height Precision Rail Monopod (PRM) with QK02 Quick Knob. Attaches to standard 1913 Picatinny rail.
  3. Accushot BT01-qk - standard height Sling Stud Mount with QK01 Quick Knob.

Choosing the best AccuShot Monopod for your needs.

Read Accu-Shot’s reviews, from the one at left in regards to the Dad and son team that ought to excite any shot or hunters. Or the ones provided by defenders with this country sent abroad to execute our nation's will. Or teachers from SOTIC which have seen a first round hit on chances increase utilizing the AccuShot monopod. Some testimonials have come to stay unnamed, straightforward stories with happy endings. All these will be the motives we get up, and strive to do the best for you, whether you are delegated to defend the President of the United States of America or a hobby shooter. We will make an effort to keep your business and would do just that.

AccuShot monopods will be the remedy for shots tired of taking heavy sandbags. Our one-piece units are manufactured in the very best materials and are a breeze to attach without alteration, with straightforward operation in keeping and fixing altitude.

Instead of your sandbag, there's nothing like the Accu-Shot in the marketplace and continues to be referred to as the "sandbag of the 21st Century." Fairly merely, Accu-Shot solves the same issue for the rear of a rifle that the front is solved for by a bipod: It provides a stable shooting platform, giving the liberty to focus on targeting instead of holding the rifle to a shot.

By our design, we'd created a "straightforward neglect evidence product which will continue eternally and may be transferred from firearm to firearm, giving the consumer no reason to get another in their life." These qualities that people wanted to make seemingly were negatives by their business model. Eight years and tens of thousands of happy customers later; it is a good idea to notice consumers still determine the marketplace and we Thank you for the support!

How you can tell the top size Accu-Shot Precision Monopod

Please recognize that no rifle monopod will probably be helpful across the variety of shooting scenarios seen in the field. The monopod is offered as assistance, all to be used when appropriate, and much less a reply. Bearing this particular at heart, the best we can hope for would be to realize a gain in the Accu-Shot for 85 - 95% of 95-100% and inclined shooting from the seat. You will find strategies to improve the application - Shot or dynamic scenarios which follow the directions that are sizing.

To discover the most effective monopod for the use the following is offered if utilizing a bipod. The same process uses if you're employing another type of front remainder. You'll need a flat level surface and something to quantify with.

Place your rifle upwards on a level surface like a firing or table seat together with the bipod set in the height you typically use. Subsequently, hold the rifle bore as you possibly can. Then, keep this location while you gauge the space in the point where the monopod attaches (Back sling stud location quantified from the level face of the railing or the stock) down to the supporting surface that is level. Subsequently, you will be given adjustment on either side of the measurement by the perfect monopod.
One factor you need to make is the terrains where you will use it, if doing range work, quantify it there. You applied on your last excursion if Prairie Dog hunting, subsequently attempt to get a measurement on your next trip or reference the remainder. These procedures will expand the use of the Accu-Shot Monopod.

Application in Dynamic scenarios or Target Abundant Surroundings

Make use of the leg in a pivoting movement. When the hand moves forward, the bottom is lowered, the rifle butt is going to be raised, as you move your hand back as the same hand in once controls panning. This allows for quick engagements and fluid observation over a broad target area and complete scope of levels including moving targets.

A system to Raise the Elevation

When the leg is fully stretched, and much more level is needed, drop the hand back on the knob, enabling one, two or three fingers to curl around below the base of the knob will give another 1-1.5 of altitude. While much less secure as having the knob in contact with the surface, it's an excellent position.

Shooting from a Barricade location

As the Accu-Shot is not needed to support the rifle in this place, use it in the folded position by putting the underside of the knob into the palm of your hand it becomes a hook letting you control the rifle and to yank it in your shoulder pocket.

High Angle Shooting

Using a bipod deployed and resting on say, a window sill, having the leg fully extended, the knob becomes an extension of the stock allowing the operator the ability to hold the knob and entirely control the rifle, gaining the capacity to engage targets at quite high angles. This process came in the field, targets high engaged on the same side of the street.

After the target is obtained the Accu-Shot leg is immediately adapted until the deck is touched by it, the rifle is subsequently rested in the monopod. Finally, finial alterations are made by the operator to the exact sight picture. It's a good idea never to remove your off hand in the Accu-Shot monopod leg the weapon. Utilize it to control the sight image while the eating is controlled by another grip (where needed) and gun trigger. Attempt while concentrating in the trigger break keeping your hand to the monopod leg, using the recoil pad securely. With practice, you'll find yourself prepared to visit activate equally as fast as the activity is locked.