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KMW POD-LOC Overview

The Pod-Loc™ is an excellent augmentation to your standard Harris bipod. The normal knurled nut on a bipod makes it difficult to sufficiently tighten the knurled nut to ensure the bipod will remain in a locked or unlocked position. Thus, it is difficult to consistently lock the swivel feature of the bipod, reducing the reliability of the bipod under heavy or extreme usage situations.

The Pod-Loc™ modifies the standard Harris bipod with a simple extended lever used in place of the factory knurled nut. This allows the user to quickly and easily lock the cant position of the bipod in any position desired. This lever assembly features a re-settable position that allows the lever to be locked in almost any position.

The handle of the lever assembly is made of glass reinforced nylon plastic, so if the lever gets snagged on an object during movement the lever will flex or even break to free the rifle, rather than breaking the internal pivot rod of the bipod itself. This way, the bipod will remain serviceable.

Some of the best features of the Pod-Loc™ include:

  • No-tool design: Your bipod can be locked and unlocked with just your thumb and forefinger
  • Dirt and weather resistant: The dust shields built into the Pod-Loc™ spacer prevent dust and other contaminants from getting into the internal parts of your bipod
  • No permanent alteration: Within two minutes, you can return your bipod to issue configuration without any hassle or problems.