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Customize your weapon with unique AK 47 parts. You can get a variety of accessories that make the gun easier to use and improve your aim. These items can also make your rifle a tactical weapon, perfect for use in any situation.

When it comes to AK 47 parts, by far the most helpful accessory is a sight. Sights allow you to zoom in on your target for improved aim. Add a scope with a basic sight so you hit the target every time. If you often use the gun in the evening, a scope with night vision is just what you want. This item is perfect for hunters who hunt late in the day. Some night vision scopes produce a certain type of light that will allow you to see without alerting the prey.

Another good addition to any weapon is a rail system, which makes it much quicker to add everything from a new scope to a laser sight. If you are looking to customize your gun, this is a must-have. Rail systems come in a variety of sizes, so be sure you select the one you need. Further upgrade your rifle with new AK 47 parts.

Find a new grip to replace one that has become worn after years of use. We have handles that include hidden compartments with a watertight seal to store small items. Or get a handle with tools that fold out. These are perfect for hunters and anyone who takes their gun outdoors. Some of these items include a fold-out bipod so you can secure the weapon in one spot for hands-free use.

Mounting Solutions Plus has durable parts for all makes and models of guns. Find all the AK 47 parts you need to turn your weapon into the unique tactical device you’re looking for. We have all the small pieces, such as bolts and rods, you will need during the assembly process to ensure that everything installs properly the first time.