Brigand EDGE, AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguard

Brigand EDGE, AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguard

Brigand EDGE, AR-15 Carbon Fiber Handguard


  • Length/Weight: 9″/3.0 oz, 12.375″/3.5 oz, 15"/4.0 oz
  • Tube: Patented carbon fiber braid
  • Caps: Aluminum
  • Barrel Nut: Standard Free Float w/ Jam Nut (included)

Weights: Listed in the graphic below. The standard milspec barrel nut we include is an additional 2.66 oz. Other barrel nuts you can find from specialty suppliers are far lighter.

Patented Carbon Fiber Braid Overview

What does it take for an innovative idea to be forged into a product worthy of the Brigand name? From raw material selection and manufacturing here in the Southeast USA, to testing on the range and in the bush - every step of our journey is focused on providing a high quality and unique handguard solution. Some features of the Brigand handguard you can be proud to own are the extremely low weight, rigorous field testing, rapid heat rejection, and of course the matchless style of the braided structure. Weight Budget We know the frustration of purchasing lightweight components for your weapon, only to find that the manufacturer’s weight claims are too optimistic or that additional components will add weight not listed in the sales brochure. For complete transparency, we provide the exact weight of every component of the guards. For mounting, we use the common free-float system comprised of an externally threaded alloy aluminum barrel nut and a steel jam nut. This combination allows fine adjustment in alignment but secure mounting. These components are the same for all Brigand handguards; they weigh 2.66 oz. (Take note that many manufacturers shrewdly neglect these necessary components in their own weight budget!) The EDGE handguard is offered in three lengths, to fit all gas systems and all shooting styles. Because the carbon tube is incredibly lightweight compared to the competition, longer tubes mean the EDGE offers more and more weight savings.

Heat Rejection

Not only does the Brigand handguard withstand the heat of sustained firing, it also rejects barrel heat faster than most handguards. Heat leaves a rifle barrel through convection (air-flow past the barrel) and radiation (infrared ‘glow’). Brigand’s open-architecture braid provides minimal resistance to air-flow, allowing heat to be blown off quickly, and provides excellent exposure to the open sky for radiated heat to escape. Does this exposure mean your hand will get hot? The open-architecture guard will warm up to operating temperature faster: However, under sustained fire the barrel will be cooler and the handguard will cool faster after firing than with any enclosed guard. This improves barrel life and decreases heat signature duration. 

Materials & Design

The Brigand Handguard concept is built on a platform of aerospace-proven materials and innovative mechanical design. A large component of this is the braided carbon tube; technically called ‘Open-Architecture Composite Structure’ or O-ACS for short. The O-ACS geometry is designed in the computer using proprietary software. It is braided from special composite yarns in a lattice that minimizes weight and maximizes stiffness and strength. Every yarn within the tube is formed from T700 carbon for strength and stiffness, shrouded within a protective jacket for all-weather durability and abrasion resistance. This jacket prevents cracking (common in filament wound handguards) and splinters (common in roll-wrapped handguards). Solid metal end-caps provide rock-solid mounting on the receiver, and protection from impact on the fore end.

All metal components are 6061 aluminum, hard anodized to provide a tough and durable finish.

Reliability & Strength

We understand that lightweight weapons cannot sacrifice any performance for weight-savings. After engineering to the limit of performance, physical testing is a key part of validating our designs. How strong is the handguard? We can hang 40 pound dumbbells from the end of it and swing them around with no signs of bending. Under controlled laboratory tests the handguards can support a force of 100 pounds in any direction, and 400 pounds along their length – more than even extreme users require. We field test every handguard configuration, firing thousands of rounds in tortuous conditions, then bring them back to the lab and inspect there are no flaws nor slowly developing cracks. Dozens of iterations have led to the current braid that we use. The resulting high-strength design is unique enough that it’s covered by a US patent! Of course, we know it’s not fair to expect you only trust our testing: Give a Brigand handguard a try - we guarantee every handguard against manufacturing flaws and against reasonable failure in the field.

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