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Brigand Arms

Brigand Arms

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The Brigand brand is a unique one. They don’t try to copy any brand of firearm out there. As far as Brigand Arms is concerned, they don’t have to follow the rules – they make the rules themselves. It’s precisely what drives the brand to be very innovative in always making their next new firearm release different from the previous ones and more unique.

The Brigand Arms line is an exact representation of state-of-the-art modern weapons systems – the unique “braid” design is a technology (patented), which allows Brigand to construct a genuinely high-profile weapon system for users. Nevertheless, the BA technology is not meant for everyone. It’s only built for shooters who need fast performance with their weapons every day without any hitches whatsoever – for those rebel-type shooters who would do anything to have their way with their guns and believes in living on the cutting edge of weapon performance.

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