Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 3G - 3Gun Competition AR-15 Trigger

Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 3G - 3Gun Competition AR-15 Trigger
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Hiperfire Hipertouch 24 3G - 3Gun Competition AR-15 Trigger


The trigger of decision for marksmen and 3 heavy weapons specialists is the Hiperfire 24 3G. The Hiperfire 24 3G is a high exactness discharge control drop for AR 10 and AR 15 rifles, the trigger has a customary standpoint and it highlights movable trigger weights.

The 24 3G has a bended trigger bow not at all like the 24C that has a straight bow. The 24 3G additionally comes without the hipershoe red movable finger cushion and it was once known as the 24T.

Issues, for example, high trigger weights and low sledge fall vitality have been explained by the Hipertouch®/Hiperfire triggers, or fire control bunches with stock AR trigger redesigns and AR triggers individually.


Large amounts of grating are created by solid singe impingement power and this consistently prompts high trigger fall weights.

In the 24 3G the stock "AR" sledge and trigger mechanical point of preference was modified and the switch spring highlight was acquainted with diminish the impingement power on the trigger. The useful area of the essential burn has additionally been changed by the fashioners.

Note that the Hiperfire's configuration has not changed despite everything it holds the effortlessness of the stock design.The hammer cam activity of the 24 3G gives a sign that the sledge fall is unavoidable when the trigger is pulled. Likewise the higher weight stage signals hammer fall when 2-stage triggers are pulled.

The Hiperfire 24 3G does not flag pound fall despite the fact that numerous charge that the 2 stage triggers have treat stick or glass bar like brakes to offer the false thought that they don't signal hammerbreak.


The Hiperfire 24 3G has a remarkable switch spring usefulness that decreases trigger weights and raises the mallet fall vitality by more than 35% upon the mL-spec stock outline and every single trigger redesign in the market.The shooter now can light solid military and remote preliminaries furthermore difficult to touch off 22 edge fire ammo also.

The 24 3G jam Eugene Stoners configuration of polish and it is dynamic and solid too. Accuracy shooting is no more outlandish on account of the 24 3G.

The sledge singe does not need to be pushed keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade stock execution.

Trigger redesigns have met desires and are currently profoundly held by marksmen and sportsmen. The options are the 2½ and 4½ pounds one and two-stage triggers with bolted last weights. They are known as the treat stick or glass bar trigger breaks. Production line or support client adjustment is required for the gadgets and substitution might be required for multiplying or wear.Reliable ignition as a consequence of coveted trigger weights has been traded off by decreased force springs of the gadgets.

The Hiperfire 24 3G is for shooters who want single-stage, very enhanced and coordinate quality "AR" trigger overhauls.

It serves as an unmodified standard homes AR-10® and AR-15® sort lower recipients similarly as the stock "AR" triggers and sledges without expecting to uproot the security selector.

The 24 3G is contained the harmmer, trigger and flip spring bunches. All parts of the 24 3G likewise include low trigger weights, smooth pre travel, clean mallet discharge, high strategic activity reaction and quicker sledge lock-up.

Note that the Hiperfire 24 3G trigger may not be perfect with lower collectors when the turn gaps are arranged on the outside the mil-spec measurements.


  • Drop-In “AR10″ and “AR15″ Fire-Control
  • Curved Trigger Bow
  • LE-MIL Tactical Interdiction, Long-Range Hunting
  • Barely Perceptible Pre-Travel for On-Demand Performance Like the 24C
  • Clean Hammer Release, Positive and Fast Reset
  • Match Quality Trigger Action and Hammer Fall
  • Functions like the Stock, Semi-Auto “AR15″ Fire-Control
  • For Standard Lower Receivers Using Small Pins of 0.154-inch Diameter
  • Uses Stock “AR” Trigger and Semiautomatic Disconnector Springs
  • Uses Proprietary Trigger Hammer and Disconnector Parts
  • Uses a Proprietary Toggle-Over-Center Spring System
  • User-Set Trigger Weights: Light, Medium-Light, Medium
  • Smooth/Shorter Pre-Travel Compared to the 24 Clean Hammer Release, Fast Reset
  • 25% to 50% Faster Hammer Lock-Up
  • Heat-Treated Alloy Steel
  • Installs without Removal of the Safety Selector
  • Installs without Modification to the Lower Receiver
  • US Pat. No. 8,572,880, Others Pending
  • Made Entirely in the USA by Americans


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