Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 6oz. Spray Bottle

Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 6oz. Spray Bottle
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Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent – 6oz. Spray Bottle

The new Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent represents a real change from the old fashioned types of solvents that required special care to use because of their level of toxicity. Thank to the new processes used by Breakthrough, they have created a new product where the toxic level has been greatly reduced. In fact, this new product signals an era in which the toxins associated with firearm cleaners may no longer be an issue.

What is Breakthrough Firearm Cleaner Solvent?

This is a revolutionary product that used state of the art engineering to bring out the best in traditional cleaning solvents while greatly reducing the level of toxicity. Because of this new approach, people can use the new cleaner solvent by Breakthrough without having to take all the extra precautions as they had with old fashioned cleaners.

Unlike solvents that have been produced for decades, Breakthrough is a petroleum-based, non-water solvent that will not freeze. However, unlike petroleum solvents of the past Breakthrough uses a special distillation process which keeps the non-toxic cleansing elements that make petroleum-based solvents work so well while removing the carcinogens and hazardous waste materials. This means that Breakthrough is an odorless, high-purity hydrocarbon solvent that reduces the toxicity levels to the lowest of any major petroleum-based solvent on the market today. In addition, Breakthrough contains no benzene and has a low vapor pressure control to help regulate the VOC or volatile organic compound emissions.

Breakthrough is designed to remove all the grit, dirt, fouling and residue on firearms and metals such as copper and brass while being safe for the environment. Plus, its formula is pH neutral which means that it will not harm the wood or polymers that make up the stock or other parts of your firearms. For those who want the best in terms of firearm solvents and none of the toxic issues that previous mixtures have used, then Breakthrough is the product for you.

What Breakthrough Promises to Deliver

To summarize what this new firearm cleaning solvent can do, it basically offers a way to properly clean your firearms without having to face the numerous toxic chemicals and waste products found in petroleum products.

  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Water Base & Non-Flammable
  • pH Neutral, Low Toxicity & Low Vapor Pressure
  • Non-Carcinogen, Benzene Free & Non-Hazardous Waste as Regulated by the EPA

These characteristics help make Breakthrough a revolutionary product. Whereas before you had to take special precautions when using petroleum-based firearm solvents, all you need to do with Breakthrough is be in an open, airy room. The toxicity level is so low that no other special requirements are needed to effectively use this product.
The US Department of Defense has shown their support by authorizing Breakthrough to be used on a daily basis by the men and women under their command. This is a testament to the effectiveness and safety that this solvent provides for use by the largest user of firearms in the United States. Breakthrough is safe, environmentally friendly and outperforms all other solvents on the market, making it the most unique and powerful that you can find today.

The Breakthrough Challenge

For those who have used traditional firearm cleaning solvents for years, Breakthrough is not used any differently in terms of how the product is applied. However, you’ll notice some definite advantages when using Breakthrough as compared to other firearm solvents.

Lack of Odor: Unlike many traditional firearm cleaning solvents, Breakthrough does not carry an odor which makes it much more pleasing to work with while cleaning.

Toxicity Clearance: The Army’s Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine gave Breakthrough a toxicity clearance which is highly unusual for any firearm solvent.

Tested & Approved: the US Department of Defense has extensively tested and today has authorized the use of Breakthrough for the cleaning of their small arms by the men and women who serve our country.

EPA & OSHA Listing: There are no listed components or characteristics of hazardous waste as held by the EPA and the exposure to Breakthrough is not regulated by OSHA because of the lack of harmful chemicals. OSHA restricts many other firearm cleaning solvents for the presence of Ethyl Alcohol, Kerosene and Amyl Acetate which have occupational exposure limits.

Less Product Used: Breakthrough has a slower evaporation rate than many traditional firearm cleaning solvents meaning that you use less of the product to get the same results.

Higher Flash Point: Traditional firearm cleaning solvents have a flash point of roughly 55 degrees F which means that it becomes hazardous even before the product is used. Breakthrough on the other hand has a flash point of 150 degrees F which means that extraordinary environmental conditions must exist before it becomes hazardous.

How Breakthrough Stacks up Against CLP

There are a number of advantages that Breakthrough has compared to CLP when it comes to cleaning your firearm.

  • Reduced Cleaning Time
  • One Application Cleans the Entire Firearm
  • Removes all Fouling so More Lubricant on the Firearm will be Needed Afterwards

In essence, Breakthrough does such a good job that you will need to apply more oil after it is cleaned to keep the weapon from oxidizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Breakthrough Safe for the Wooden Parts of the Firearm?
    Yes, as it is pH neutral and will not affect the wood. However, it as it does remove all dirt and oil. If the wood is untreated it will need to be oiled again.
  2. Is Breakthrough Safe to use on All Metals?
    Yes, the pH neutral formula is safe and effective to use on all types of metal surfaces which includes the firing mechanism and bore.
  3. Will Breakthrough remove the Bluing or Chrome Plating?
  4. Can Breakthrough be used on Composite Stocks, Poly and Components?
  5. Is Breakthrough a CLP?
    No, Breakthrough is a firearm solvent that is military grade, so the weapon should be oiled or lubricated or greased after being cleaned.
  6. How Long will Breakthrough remain Effective?
    There is no expiration date for the product so it can sit on the shelf indefinitely and still be used.
  7. How Strong is the Odor?
    Unlike many other solvents on the market today, Breakthrough is practically odorless.
  8. 8) What are the freeze and flash points of Breakthrough?
    Breakthrough will not freeze at temperatures of -190 degrees F while the flash point is 150 degree F, a full 9 degrees above the standard Mil-Spec rating.

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