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One of the main reasons weapon break down way before their time is the recoil damage created by firing the weapon itself. This recoil will eat away at various parts of the weapon, making them brittle until they finally give out – and sadly they do so in the worst of times: during combat. Thankfully modern technology has found various ways to preserve weapons, no matter how you much you use them. Avoiding recoil damage completely is impossible, but Buffer Technologies offer you the next best thing, which is their amazing product line of recoil buffers.

What these recoil buffers do is preventing the bolt, bolt carrier, op rod or slide to contact the receiver. Placing the weapon buffer from Buffer Technologies does not require any modification to your weapon, further protecting it from damage. Using elastic, weapon friendly materials is one of the many reasons why weapon buffers from Buffer Technologies are a great choice when you wish to protect a valuable weapon and its accessories from recoil damage. So, unless you do not care about the natural deterioration of your weapon due to the unavoidable firing recoil, you should as soon as possible get your own recoil buffer from Buffer Technologies!

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