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ZRODelta Offset Red Dot Mount

ZRODelta Offset Red Dot Mount

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ZRODelta DLOC 45 degree QD Mounts


  • Designed to mount Red Dot Optic at a 45 degree angle next to your primary optic which makes it ideal for close range shooting
  • The mount features the ability to attach to either the right or left side of the weapon
  • Optic will maintain zero if taken off for storage or other purposes, providing a true “Return to Zero” when re-attached
  • DLOC system utilizes six (6) engagement points with three (3) recoil lugs allowing our mount to grab more rail than any other mount on the market
  • Heavy duty springs allows for solid retention as well as one handed manipulation
  • The extreme grip by the DLOC mount allows users to only hand tighten the retention knob
  • Designed to allow for quick detachment/attachment
  • Tightening knob allows for hand tightening to rail without worry of mount integrity
  • Anodized, anti-reflective coating standard.