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Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Set
    Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Set
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    • Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Set
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      UPC: 71930210660
      Manufacturer: Trijicon

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    Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Set

    Fits H&K .45C, .45C Tactical, P30, P30L, and VP9 models.

    Trijicon offers a wide variety of illuminated dot colours, in their Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Set range in order to suit the preferences of each and every individual shooter. Trijicon Night Sights can be bought with an abundance of different coloured aiming dots such as orange, yellow and green. Trijicon often recommends green dots as they are technically the brightest out of the variety of colours. They are also the best for targets in very low and no-light shooting conditions.

    The bespoke and patented aluminum cylinder and specially fashioned sapphire lens construction can certainly not be equaled by any other sights on the current market. The brightness that is obtained from the Trijicon’s tritium content is primarily focused through the unique sapphire lens in order to provide the maximum illumination possible. Because the sight blades of the Trijicon H&K are machined from robust steel rather than cast, it means that their overall strength is unsurpassed. Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Sets are most certainly the strongest, the brightest and the safest around.

    Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Set Features:

    • White Rings: All of the Trijicon Night Sights sets feature a solid white ring around the glowing dot for an unequalled visibility during daylight hours.

    • Silicone Rubber Cushion: Provides additional shock-protection for the tritium filled glass lamps which are situated within the aluminum housing.

    • Trijicon Tritium Phosphor Lamp: Glass lamps which are filled with a unique form of pressurised tritium gas which is capable of glowing bright yellow, orange or green during the night. These lamps come with a guarantee of 12 years.

    • Protective Aluminum Cylinders: Protects and contains the tritium gas filled lamps from any form of harsh recoil, cleaning solvents and even heavy knocks and hits.

    • Sapphire Window: Each Trijicon Tritium Lamp is uniquely capped with a form of Sapphire Jewel in order to help evenly distribute the flow of light directly from the tritium lamps. This also helps to protect it from punctures or solvents.

    Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Sets have been specifically designed in order to handle each and every single demand from tactical shooters. The front sight feature of the three dot green tritium night sight set’s features a much taller blade than many shooters may be accustomed too and an aiming point specifically ringed in a bespoke photoluminescent paint. The rear sight features a small black outline and features a much wider U-shaped notch. This unique type of configuration allows for greater visibility and quickens when using front sight acquisition, even in low light conditions. What’s more is that the front surface of the Trijicon’s rear sight is designed to be steeply hooked in order to assist in situations that may require one-handed slide operation.

    Trijicon H&K .45C HD Night Sight Set is designed specifically to improve accuracy during bright light, exceptionally low light, and no light at all. The tritium phosphor lamp is used in green within the front sight as this provides contrast against any form of muzzle flash. The green lamp is also a colour that is far easier for the human eye to acquire visibility in any type of lighting condition.

    The distinction between inferior quality and premium H&K night sights is undeniable. At MSP, we only offer H&K VP9 Accessories from the most trusted brands like Trijicon Night Sights. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell.

    Models HK110Y HK110YO
    Fits Make H&K® H&K®
    Fits Model .45C, .45C Tactical, P30, P30L, P30SK, and VP9. .45C, .45C Tactical, P30, P30L, P30SK, and VP9.
    Front Lamp Color Green Green
    Rear Lamp Color Green Green
    Front Paint Color Yellow Orange
    Rear Paint Color Black Black
    Front Blade Width
    0.144 in. (3.65mm)
    0.144 in. (3.65mm)
    Front Blade Height
    0.215 in. (5.46mm)
    0.215 in. (5.46mm)
    Overall Front Blade Height
    0.306 in. (7.77mm)
    0.306 in. (7.77mm)
    Rear Notch Style U-Notch U-Notch
    Rear Notch Width
    0.169 in. (4.29mm)
    0.169 in. (4.29mm)
    Rear Blade Height
    0.325 in. (8.25mm)
    0.325 in. (8.25mm)
    Overall Rear Height
    0.415 in. (10.54mm)
    0.415 in. (10.54mm)

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