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You can ask any veteran or weapon manufacturer, and they will tell you that the weapon stock is one of the most critical parts of the weapon structurally, because it ensures correct operator comfort and recoil distribution. Your weapon’s stock shows its character the most and expresses what type of operator you are. A good stock has to be sturdy and well designed, as to absorb recoil well and keep it from damaging your accessories. The stock also needs to protect the operator from activating the weapon by mistake during delicate operations. The typical stock your rife comes with when you first buy it isn’t ideally made for you, nor is it designed to keep your firearm in peak condition.

Tapco has plenty of solutions to answer your weapon stock problems and demands. Tapco creates its weapon stock with sturdy materials, keeping in mind that every operator needs to have a different setting to adjust their stocks. This is why Tapco Stocks allow you to change the length and other specifications of the stock to your liking, as well as protect you from activating the latch unnecessarily. Improve your weapon now to suit your body type and needs better with Tapco Stocks!

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