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Streamlight Strion

Streamlight Strion

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Most tactical flashlights will offer only one light-intensity setting, ignoring most of your needs for more subtle or momentarily stronger illumination. This can be quite dangerous for certain operations, where discretion might be an essential factor. But of course, we’ve got the product for those situations for you, the Streamlight Strion, a flashlight that offers not one, not two, but THREE different light settings for you to choose from at your very fingertip. Made from durable materials and designed to be efficient and straightforward, there is nothing left to wish from the Streamlight Strion, except perhaps a long battery life.

Here the Streamlight Strion amazes again with its 5.5-hour extended operation on the lowest setting and two continuous hours on the highest. If you just need a little bit of light, the Streamlight Strion lets you have that and spend less battery time, so that you can switch to high intensity the moment you need it. So, if you want a flashlight that can be adjusted to your very needs the moment you decide to, the Streamlight Strion is the only flashlight for you. Order your own now, and you won’t regret it.


What people are saying about The Streamlight Strion LED

Best Light Ever!

I use a Streamlight Strion flashlight every day at my job as a Police Officer. I have tried out A LOT of lights, and let me tell you... this is the best I've tried! It is the smallest and brightest rechargeable flashlight I've found I've found on the market... and I've done a lot of research. Sometimes the light almost seems too bright! I used to carry the old model of the Strion. This new version with C4 Technology is MUCH better and easier to use with the button options & brightness modes. The cone is also an excellent accessory for directing traffic when using the strobe feature. This light is HIGHLY recommended. You will not be disappointed!

Almost perfect

I previously used the incandescent Streamlight Strion on duty, and the LED version is much, much better. It is brighter, lasts longer, and the switch is better. The old Strion had a momentary contact switch. The Strion LED can be used as a momentary contact switch, or you can push a little farther, and it will lock in the on position. My only real complaint is that even on the dimmest mode, it is still too bright for really close up work like reading a map. The LED version is a little longer than the incandescent one, so some holders will not work with the LED one.

So good that wife had to have one

I purchased this light after much research. My friends have surefire flashlights but complain about the cost of batteries. I bought this rechargeable 160 lumen light. My wife balked at the price, but after I got it, she liked it so much I had to order one for her. We both use them all the time. Fantastic light

Best duty belt light available

I bought this Streamlight Strion light after less than satisfactory experience with another name brand tactical light. The best thing about it is that it is rechargeable and holds a charge for days. Most tac lights use expensive CR124 batteries that don't last very long. This one doesn't. It is highly recommended.

Great light

My father is law enforcement and has been since before I was born, and he owns one of the Stion series lights with the light bulb. I recently purchased a Strion LED for my job as a Firefighter/Paramedic and tactical shooting in competitions. My father loaned me his Strion because I'd forgotten my flashlight before I went on a road trip, and I decided that I wanted my own. I only have two complaints that I can think of. The low setting is too bright to be used to check pupil reaction without risking harming the patient (or anyone else that may have the light shined in their eyes)but is excellent for my tactical purposes. The other complaint I have is the lack of availability of a remote switch for it when it's mounted on a long gun. It's easy enough to reach up and press the switch, but it would be more convenient to have the remote. I think that the lack of availability may be related to the controls for the light's function. I know little about the powers of the light other than using it, though. Other than that, it's excellent for non-hazardous environments like looking for lost tools, searching for footprints or other signs in the brush, and identifying situations on the scene of emergencies as it is plenty bright and has a great white hue to the light. I believe that Streamlight has outdone itself in the creation of this series of light and hope to see what their future product lines may bring us.

Streamlight Strion C4 LED Rechargeable Flashlight

I recently just became a Crime Scene Investigator for my department. I have been a police officer for over 22 years and have used several flashlights. This flashlight by far is the best I have ever used. Cute and compact, easy to use, and the LED light are perfect for working Crime Scene. I recommend this flashlight for anyone whether working the road or crime scene.