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The scope rings used to connect a riflescope to a firearm may be the weakest link in a shooting system if not done properly thus making your shooting hazardous and unsafe. Without a properly fitted connection, the very best scope and rifle combination becomes useless.

Unless you are actually at the shooting bench or in the hunting field, it may not occur to you that you have the inappropriate, unsecured or ill fitting connection. There, a poor mount or installation may show itself as inconsistent if we are being optimistic or in the worst case scenario may cause an excess expenditure of valuable time, ammunition or accidentally wound an animal or damage property.

We at Mounting Solutions Plus believe you should never have trouble with scope rings and your investment should more than make up for in reliability, ruggedness, and peace of mind. Hence we bring to you STANAG Scope Rings which essentially follow the NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) thereby churning out high quality equipment.