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Spotting Scopes

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Spotting Scope covers a range of small portable telescopes with added optics. It presents an upright image optimized for observation.  Used for a naturalist activities including bird watching as well as for hunting, verifying a marksman's shots, surveillance, and for any other application that requires more magnification than a pair of binoculars, it is considered an essential asset to rifle gear.

Ideally it should have a ruggedised design, a mounting for attaching to a tripod, and an ergonomically designed and located knob for focus control. We at Mounting Solutions Plus present such devices.

When choosing a product in this category, see what suits your purpose the best in terms of quality, performance and comfort in use.  Eye relief and a clear view are important as is the feasibility of carrying around in the field with possibly inclement weather conditions. Air turbulence, heat mirage, dust, humidity, haze and other atmospheric conditions all affect image quality when using a spotting scope.