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A trained long-distance shooter must steady his rifle to hit targets at a great distance. Sniper scopes are the perfect gear for these people. They are made with a reticle and other unique options to help you get the perfect shot every time.

Sniper Scopes

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With a design that makes these units impervious to bullets, the sniper scopes we sell are just what any long-range shooter needs. These durable devices come in a range of sizes with unique features so you can find the perfect one for your weapon.

These devices come with a reticle so you can measure the distance in an instant. Some are illuminated so you can target the shot no matter the conditions. The device is made with one long tube that is mounted to the gun to reduce the damage sustained from shock. The glass is coated to resist shattering and breaking. This device can work at distances as close as five feet and can help the shooter hit the mark as much as 500 feet away.

Some of the sniper scopes come with a target-style design with a dot in the middle of a circle. This allows you to place a marker exactly where you want the bullet to land. These are perfect for hunters who need to shoot game from any distance. This setup is perfect for an up-close shot.

For shooting over a distance, the outer circle is removed on these sniper scopes and replaced with just a dot. This is the perfect way to target something in the distance and get the bullet to land just where you need. Many also offer a magnification feature so you can get a better look at the target. This is good for hunting rifles as well as tactical devices because you can get a shot off in seconds when placed under pressure.

At Mounting Solutions Plus, we ensure that the products we sell are made from the highest quality material. This gives customers the best value for the money they spend. It also ensures that your equipment will last for years to come.