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Samson Evolution | ON SALE

Samson Evolution | ON SALE

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Over the years, Samson products have been noted for their high quality, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship. When it comes to free float rails for the AR-15, Samson has once again stepped up to the plate with their Evolution series.

For those who are looking to upgrade their AR-15 with free float rails that offer some advantages, the new Samson Evolution series is undoubtedly calling attention to itself thanks to its superior qualities.

What is the Samson Evolution Series of Free Float Rails?

They are customizable handguards designed for the AR-15. Using a standard barrel nut, the Evo rail attaches itself to the rifle and includes a two-piece thermal brushing system made from stainless steel. The two locking tabs help ensure that the AR-15 rail itself will not rotate under stress. Also, the multiple ventilation slots work with the thermal brushing system to keep the heat from transferring to the handguard which prevents the operator’s hand cool and comfortable. There is no need to wear specialized gloves or use other materials in preventing the heat from transferring using this particular system.

For each Evolution handguard, it will include two 2” and a single 4” customizable rail section that can be mounted where you want along the AR-15 handguard tube. Since the interior of the tube measures in at 1.56”, you can easily fit most suppressors underneath it as well.

You can mount the optics anywhere along the top rail which runs continuously down the rifle and will also allow iron sights to be installed as well without compromise. This particular rail system will also enable most aftermarket piston conversion products to be mounted without difficulty.

A Few Features of the Evolution Series Free Float Rails

There are some small, but nifty features of the Evo series free float rails that are designed to make them easier to use and install.

First, there is a front sight cut out which means that the lower part of the handguard will extend past the sides of the sight post in the front. This means that you have even more mounting options with the rails so that you can use all types of aftermarket parts or systems if you want. This is particularly effective with guns with shorter gas systems and makes the Evo handguards just right for conversions using a gas piston.

Another advantage of the Evo series is that there are no special tools required. All you need are the standard tools used for adding the rails and a standard barrel nut. In this case, only the weld spring, delta ring, and snap ring must be removed in the process. By just needed a standard set of tools to remove those items and adding the rails, you can keep the cost of conversion down.

This also means that the rail system can be installed without having to remove the barrel from the upper receiver. To remove the top receiver generally requires a barrel nut wrench, receiver blocks or the AR-15 multi-tool kit. Also, the delta ring would have to be cut assuming you do not remove the barrel from the upper receiver.

Overall, Samson Manufacturing provides an excellent system of free float rails for your AR-15 that is easy to install and use as mounts for many aftermarket parts.