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Ruger Charger Accessories

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The Ruger Charger pistol was originally introduced in the later months of 2007 and is a popular handgun that has been based on the 10/22 action. The Ruger Charger features a smooth laminated wooden pistol stock with forend as standard, which can be replaced with a wide variety of affordable Ruger Charger stocks. The Ruger also features a 10″ (254 mm) matte coloured heavy barrel, a Weaver style scope base which is in lieu of iron sights and a bipod. All of which can be swapped and changed out with a whole host of high-quality accessories in order to improve the Ruger Charger considerably from its default design. The overall length of the Ruger Charger is just a little short of 20 inches (508 mm), which still allows for plenty of room for modifications.

The Ruger Charger weighs in at just under 3.25 pounds, which is still featherweight in comparison to similar competitors in its league. This means that the Ruger Charger can afford the additional bulky accessory here and there without losing any of the accuracy or becoming overly heavy. The new Ruger Charger pistol features a 10-inch threaded, precision rifled barrel that includes a 1/2"-28 thread pattern in order to accept many of the current and most popular muzzle accessories on the market. The Ruger’s stock also features a standard A2-style pistol grip, thus allowing for a platform that is exceptionally easy to customise with the preferred MSR grip of your choice. The Ruger’s receiver features a robust and sturdy factory installed Picatinny rail which allows for ample space for a wide variety of different optics, from red-dot sights to scopes respectively. Much like the original 22 Ruger Charger, this new type of pistol is built on the legendary and critically approved Ruger 10/22 platform which means it will still offer the exact same proven reliability as always.

The Ruger Charger, unfortunately, does not come equipped with its own sights, nevertheless, it does come with a sturdy, already-mounted, Weaver style scope base. This means attaching a NcSTAR Rifle Scope, for example, will be no problem at all! This is because Ruger already provides all of the necessary base hardware for you to do so.

Ruger Charger accessories are essential if you are looking to improve the overall performance and ability of an already outstanding piece of gear. Given the popular and undoubted widespread use of this particular model of firearm, it’s incredibly obvious that the Ruger Charger possesses many of the characteristics that firearm enthusiasts are always on the lookout for. Known for its incredible affordability, its unrivaled accuracy, and it’s outstanding reliability, the Ruger Charger has become a strong staple in the firearm community.

While the Ruger Charger has been specifically fashioned to allow for both seasoned and experienced users, it’s also a fantastic firearm for inexperienced users to begin with. Given the mountain accessories available and to choose from, this gun can be effortlessly customised in order to provide a unique experience that can be specifically geared and customised for each user.