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One of the most remarkable features of the 10/22 Bullpup is the overall length it gives you when attached to your weapon. That’s an extra 26 ½”. This means you can carry your rifle with a lot more mobility than you had without the attachment. Whether you prefer hunting or other sports, the 10/22 Bullpup from Muzzelite will convert your long rifle into a compact weapon in just a couple of seconds.

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The item boasts fixed sights that can be easily adjusted for elevation or to accommodate wind directions. Elevation is done effortlessly with the front sight while wind adjustment is just as easy to do with the rear sight. The product comes fully equipped with a scope mount that can be attached to the handle. The 10/22 Bullpup is made with fiberglass plastic and has been designed to fit both heavyweight barrels and stander barrels. If you’re buying this product for a heavyweight barrel, a few minor modifications may be needed. An Allen wrench is included in the packaging. Please be aware that this item cannot be used in a left handed position and are only suitable for right handed shooters. Certain high-capacity magazines may not clear the pistol. If you require assistance before ordering, please contact Mounting Solutions Plus.

It is the user’s obligation, according to law, to measure the length of your weapon without the stock to make sure it complies with the 26-inch restriction when placed in a Muzzelite stock. If the barrel for your weapon is suitable and compliant, but the overall weapon’s length fails to meet the length restriction, avoid assembling your weapon in the stock at all costs.

In order to comply with Federal Law, your rifle should have a 16-inch barrel or longer. If you attempt to place a rifle with a short barrel into this stock, you could be violating the length restriction. While the barrel length is compliant, the stocks require a minimum 3 inches of barrel extension that goes beyond the stock.

Be sure to measure your rifle before ordering the 10/22