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PVS 14 Weapon Mounts
Finding the right PVS-14 weapon mount requires looking into which products are available and what could work for you. Having the right product requires that you take a look at your gun and see what scope works for your gun. Take your time and see if you can find a product that will not only work for you this season, but that will continue to work for many years after.

We have the PRI Adjustable PVS-14 Night Vision; it features a base that will hold multiple characters. When you need an adjustable height carrier with locators, this is the product for you. You can avoid slipping horizontally or vertically. You can also use the calibrated scale, so you don't have to worry about it returning to the carrier. The product also uses two thumb screws, so you know that it has a self-locking system. One of the best parts of this type of PVS-14 weapon mount is the fact that it has a protective coating that prevents rust and any other issues you might with your rifle.

We also have the Samson Quick Flip Magnifier Interlocking. With just a push of a button, you can convert it to a magnifier, and it works with both Aimpoint and EOTech magnifiers. You won't be able to find another product like this that is functional with all three devices. It's extremely easy to use, and it doesn't take long to set up. Also, you know that it will continue to last for a long time. The PVS package includes either your choice of the Aimpoint or EOTech magnifier.

You can rest assured that your PVS-14 weapon mount will hold up over an amount of time. You should think about talking to someone who knows what they are doing and who can let you know whether or not this might be the right product for you. You want to know that it will work with the type of gun that you have and that you can use it for many, many years to come. Take a look online and check out the products we have available and contact our customer service center with any questions you may have.