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Pistol Lanyard

Pistol Lanyard

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Choosing the Best Pistol Lanyard

We see actors drawing their pistols in the movies and come to believe that it is that simple to draw and shoot within seconds and with no danger of losing our very gun from our hands. In reality, every experienced operator knows that in the haste and heat of the moment a weapon can easily slip from your hands our out of the holster and get lost in the most crucial time. This is why pistol lanyards were created, to ensure that whatever happens, the gun will stay on you.

Of course, we have chosen a wide array of weapon lanyards for you to choose from. Our cords are all made from robust materials so that they don’t snap or break. Their designs are ergonomic, to ensure they don’t take up too much space when worn. Having your very own pistol lanyard is a must when you are always out there, depending your very life on a weapon during difficult operations and missions. So, browse through our inventory of lanyards and choose the one that suits your preferences the best and is sure you will enjoy the safety only a pistol lanyard can offer you!