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Nightforce NXS Riflescopes

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Nightforce NXS Riflescope Overview

The telescopic sights for hunting, competition, and military rifles easily evolve from compact, a fixed model with minimum magnification, to a variable optics with 10x to incredible 80x magnification that enables effective fire from the mid-range to the long distance targets. While the primary variables were of questionable reliability, today after more than 40 years, the scope manufacturers have stepped up the quality and offered to the market some superior specialized telescopic sights.

As everything changes in this world, so modern battlefields are becoming more complex and demanding, requesting the specialized, high-quality equipment.  In war conflicts from last two decades, there is pointed out the increasing need for long-range sniping and sophisticated tools such as telescopic sights. To paraphrase a popular catchword "When you really need to reach out and touch someone" you require only top notch rifle scopes. There are only a few optic glass makers who can achieve such high military specs and standards. Hence in addition to the traditional European optics manufacturers such as great Zeiss, Swarovski and Schmidt & Bender, North American producers also joined this trend with premium brands like Premier Reticles, US Optics, Leupold, and Nightforce who mainly supply the law enforcement`s and military elite units.

These top of the line manufacturers represent the best in the business offering their tactical rifle scopes created for people whose lives depend on their scope. Nightforce Optics company has been in business since 1992, with one goal in mind: to build the finest riflescopes on the market.  One proof to support this is the lifetime warranty scopes carry on.

NightForce Riflescopes have been tested in battle conditions all over the globe and are highly respected in the world of high-quality precision scopes. From the Nightforce`s product lines comes both full size and compact models which completely reliably can be used in the harshest conditions of the combat zones, making a difference between life and death.

A small digression: whereas in this industry, the civilian markets relentlessly follows the military trends and achievements, launching a new game called - extreme long range hunting. At first glance, many conservative hunting folks raise their eyebrows thinking of firing a bullet at big-game beyond 300 yards. However, long distance hunting can be done ethically with excellent shot placement spending long hours of practice and the most appropriate tools for the job.  The Nightforce are just the proper choice since their rifle scopes can offer first-shot one-shot kills. Although NightForce is world-renowned for their tactical rifle scopes, they also have rifle scopes outfitted for the hunter. This line is called the SHV, which stands for Shooter, Hunter, Varminter featuring various reticles available with illumination. The hunting line of scopes tends to be built lighter reducing the overbuilding that goes into their tactical scopes.

The another part of a Nightforce family is NXS line (NXS stands for Nightforce Extreme Series) including compact models intended for hunting dangerous game in the bush, or for CQB environments and 3-gun competition, and full-size models primary designed for both the military small-caliber as well as for the big caliber rifles.