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Nightforce NX8

Nightforce NX8

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The NX8 is Nightforce and least expensive variable which will be competing for the SOCOM contract. The NX8 doesn't belong to any other line in the Nightforce household and represents the capacity for and respects a new product lineup. I guess that future NX8 scopes will all share the new 8X erector assembly, 30mm central tube and stay compact and light for their magnification range. These scopes may have a vast appeal to everybody from shooters to hunters. Compact and light is the name of the game with the newest 1-8X NX8. The NX8 is so small I'd to bust out a Nightforce 1-4X NXS to see that was smaller.

The NX8 is about a quarter inches shorter than the 1-4X. The NX8 has a parallax fixed at 125 meters, ten illumination settings, is either mil- or MOA flexible, includes a Lightforce ZeroStop and has a restricted windage turret. The NX8 comes along with an optional power throw lever that offers an ergonomic means of rapidly changing magnification settings. Internally, the NX8 has a brand new illumination system wherein it shares a number of the same technology of the 1-8X ATACR. The brand new illumination system differs considerably from what is often found in scopes as well as the final result isn't a one has a brighter reticle than Nightforce.

Illumination systems in scopes historically consisted of two types: a reticle bathed in red Light-emitting diode light or fiber optic system. Etched reticles often have a reflective material put in the etching and also a Light-emitting diode washes the whole lens in mild. Some of the light is reflected toward the shooter's eye and illuminates, the reticle. Such a system has about 5% efficacy, and that's the battery powering the system cannot generate enough juices to make a grid readily visible in bright daylight. Fiber optic illumination systems utilize a cable to channel the light directly in the shooter's eye.

These systems are incredibly bright, but they are only relevant in the second focal plane reticles. While durable, the cable reticles that accompany them are predisposed towards breakage. Under recoil, cable reticles do not hold up well over the long term. While it sounds too easy to issue, Nightforce put a lens on their source of light which concentrates each of the red Light-emitting diode light right in the center part of the reticle, rather than letting Light-emitting diode light hit run around within the range. Focusing each of the red Light-emitting diode light down to just middle reticle boosts the system performance to about 90 percent. Virtually all the light coming from the red Light-emitting diode gets concentrated and bounced straight back into the shooter's eye. It can make for the brightest reticle I've ever seen to any extent. The segmented circle within this 1-8x24mm scope works very much like a dot optic when the brightness is made up to 10, and the magnification is rejected to 1X.