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The MDA Muzzle Device Adapter is designed to allow many US threaded muzzle devices to be mounted on some Metric threaded rifles, as well as mounted on some rifles with no muzzle thread at all.

MDA Muzzle Device Adapters will allow a US threaded muzzle device to be mounted on barrels that otherwise can not accept the device.  Some imported barrels are not threaded to match US threaded muzzle  devices, and some barrels are not threaded for muzzle devices at all.With the addition of an MDA Muzzle Device Adapter, AK-47 or FN-FAL barrels can accept US made muzzle devices.  With the addition of an MDA Muzzle Device Adapter, other un-threaded rifles, such as the Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-30, can accept US threaded muzzle devices.

MDA Muzzle Device Adapters are internally over-bored to prevent bullet strikes.  A short, large-bore device, such as a flash-hider, can safely be mounted using an  MDA Muzzle Device Adapter.   The MDA Muzzle Device Adapter can also be used to mount tighter-bore short devices such as compensators and muzzle brakes. 

In all instances, the MDA Muzzle Device Adapter and muzzle device must be installed by a competent gunsmith or armorer who can carefully measure the installation, examine the installation for potential bullet strike, and over-bore the muzzle device as needed to prevent bullet strike.  If bullet strike is possible, the installer must over bore the muzzle device to ensure at least .020" clearance all the way around the bore line to prevent bullet strike.   For example, for a 7.62 installation with a .308" projectile, the muzzle device should be bored not less than .348" and then examined to ensure no bullet strike will occur.

The  MDA Muzzle Device Adapter is made in compliance with industry standards for US made muzzle devices.  Different threads are used for different calibers to prevent muzzle devices for smaller calibers from being mounted on larger caliber rifles.