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About Millett Scopes

The purpose of designing the Insight Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS) is to provide what is needed to operate Special Forces in very demanding conditions.  The US Navy adopted it last year and the US Army now uses it as a standby sight for the use of magnifying optics. The MRDS can be used as a secondary optical sight attached to the top of scopes and in an offset position on rifles that are equipped with rail to serve as a back-up in the event of failed primary sight or for use while taking close range late unmasking targets and CQB.

The Insight MRDS has a lens made of light but strong impact resistant polymer with a coating that does not reflect. It offers a clear, crisp, and non-magnified view. The unit has at its end some sealed pushbutton which can be used to select its four preset intensity levels, although it offers automatic sight regulation by selecting the 3.5 MoA level that is perfect for the ambient brightness levels. The Insight MRDS is a good replacement for the Docter red dot sight and can be used on any mount meant for it. The Insight MRDS can survive in desert conditions and it’s housing also equip it with a waterproof property of up to 2 hours in 66 feet water depth. After testing the Insight MRDS in fog and rain, salt spray, and subjecting it to vibration, shock, as well as drop testing to know its ruggedness, it has been confirmed to exceed MIL-STD 810G standards.

The sight can be used at temperatures between -104o F and 120o F. It has adjustments in 1 MoA clicks and this makes it perfect for its intended use. If used at a low setting, the sight can run on its 3-volts CR-1632 lithium battery for up to 12 months. Replacement of the battery can be done right from the top without the need to unmount the sight and losing zero. The MRDS comes with a complete cleaning system to take care of its lens, a protective rubber cover, mounting screws, a windage/elevation adjustment tool and instructions. However, it does not come with mounts. For its dimension, the sight is 1.1” wide, 1.9” long, 1.5” high and it has a weight of 0.85 oz.