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Mag Pump

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The MagPump Loader

The fastest, easiest way to load and unload magazines. MagPump™ magazine loaders and magazine unloaders are developed for passionate gun owners, competitors, law enforcement and military personnel.

The Mag Pump magazine loader is a pretty impressive engineering feat. To utilize it, push on a magazine in, ditch a couple of ammo or a box in the hopper, and start pumping the deal. It is that easy. The ammo doesn't need to be sorted oriented, the loader amounts it out and sets it into your magazine in the right orientation. In all honesty, I am just like every other person and do not like reading directions. Nothing was distinct here. I was able to place Pump mag together and utilize it without doing anything with the instructions besides moving them from the way.

The Mag Pump loader is made from injection-molded plastic and stainless steel parts. The base is removable so that it may be screwed or clamped to a plank or workbench then reattached with the two toolless hand knobs. The top of the hopper may also be removed for secure storage or traveling in a range tote. The whole loader feels large and well constructed. It can make me happy that the unit is proudly manufactured in the United States and that Mag Pump provides a No Questions Asked Lifetime Transferable Warranty. The hopper is capable of handling up to 50 rounds of ammunition.

The unit being tested is new for 2018 and loads 9mm to pistol magazines. PCC shooters, which useability Glock magazines, would save a ton of time and energy. While the Mag Loader is a trendy accessory to have, you need to be placing rounds downrange to need, one of these units. Gun enthusiasts, competition shooters, army components, and cops, may benefit from time saved loading magazines. Among the significant benefits isn't having sore fingers from pushing on rounds into publications. The more you take and load, the more probable it's that you will need a Mag Pump.

What people are saying about the Mag Pump:

Great AR-15 magazine loader

Got the Mag Pump as a Christmas gift for my father in law he is retired now. He has always enjoyed the shooting sport's even more now with all his free time something he would have never bought for himself but now he has one he loves it came with a free mag dump as well saves time and effort on his hands and fingers shipped fast and was everything promise great product.


Works like a champ

I have not used the Mag Pump that much, but have loaded around 50 mags with it so far, and have used Magpul and old Gi issue mags and have no issues.


Worked great with the right expectations - watch a video on it!

Bought the Mag Pump to bulk load my .223 ammo and what a difference! Had a couple of misfeeds when loading but ejecting the mag, letting the bullets fall out, reinsert the mag and keep on chugging. Would I repurchase this - you bet! Would I recommend to a friend - you bet (so they can load my mags too!) It takes about 40 seconds on average to fill a 30 round mag if the hopper is full.

Jason G.

I can now load mags at the rate I shoot them

I bought this Mag Pump loader for my father for Christmas, but we both use it. Whenever I go visit him, I find myself bring bulk ammo and empty mags. It works exactly as it does on the video, although I would recommend going a tad slower as the quality of build is just okay. I will say it is close to a miracle for those of us who buy in bulk and have lots of magazines. Three negatives to this are 1.its pretty much all plastic so no idea how long it will last. 2. The hopper is small, so it does need to be fed every two mags (but loading with a buddy negates this) 3. You will be spending more on ammo because you can shoot a lot more now.

Quick and Easy Loading

On a lark purchased a Mag Pump Magazine Loader. To my delight it made loading AR mags a breeze. I could not be happier. After having to return the pistol Mag Pump for repairs, I found the company policy of lifetime warranty to be true, with a short turn around time at no cost to me. Great product, Great Company.


It does exactly what it is designed to do!

The Mag Pump quickly loads magazines. Dump the ammo in the hopper, insert the magazine and toggle the lever until the magazine is full. It won't let you load more than the magazine will hold. Item arrives in 2 pieces which are easy to assemble and disassemble. Well built as well. I highly recommend it.


I would definitely repurchase the Mag Pump.

I debated about buying a Mag Pump for a while but wasn't sure about them. But when I saw them on your website on sale, I thought I'd give it a shot. It works great; even my daughters like using it, and it is much faster then lading by hand.

Outdoor guy

Only one problem...

I only have one problem with the mag pump loader..... EVERYBODY AT THE RANGE WANTS TO IT!!! A couple of people watched as I did a 60th mag dump and watched me pull this loader out. I could feel them watching me as I just started dumping fist fulls of rounds into the hopper, then they watched me load the drum back up in just a hair over a minute. (I do wish the hopper was large enough to hold 60 rounds!) The next thing I know is I have a small crowd around me asking questions while I demonstrated it. Next thing I know Is everybody starts bringing their mags and ammo over to use it! Yeah, I know I sold A couple of them that day!!! The loader has worked flawlessly with a few thousand rounds through it!!!

Sparky Dawg