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If you’re looking for M1 Garand accessories, Mounting Solutions Plus stocks both a cleaning kit and tool for this weapon that was originally adopted by the United Stated in 1936. The firearm went through numerous incarnations and worked to beat out several rivals, but finally, what emerged was a rifle that was deemed reliable enough to deal with rough treatment and rugged enough too.

M1 Garand Accessories

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When it originally appeared, this firearm was considered a marvel. It used a sheet metal clip as part of its system. The firearm functions by pulling the bolt handle to the back where the action is held up by the follower. A clip of ammo is then pressed down into the magazine, and the bolt can then move forward where it is stripped off and chambered.

Both official and aftermarket M1 Garand accessories have been plentiful for this rifle. Originally, several different kinds of bayonets, complete with 16-inch blades, were produced to fit a couple of different models. Grenade launchers also used to be available that would fit onto the end of the barrel. The cleaning tool, grease spots, and oiler can all be stored in two cylindrical compartments in the bottom of the rifle for use during operation.

During World War II a two-piece rifle sling made of leather was one of the more common M1 Garand accessories that were used and in 1943, a canvas-type sling in khaki shades was introduced. The winter trigger was also a common addition and was developed during the Korean war. The small mechanism was installed right on the trigger guard so soldiers could remotely pull the trigger by pressing a lever located just behind the guard. Shooters could then fire their weapons while wearing winter gloves that would otherwise restrict movement and get stuck on the trigger guard.

Mounting Solutions Plus offers a variety of weapons and add-ons. We also have an easy returns/refunds. If items are returned in their original condition and packaging, we will issue a refund within two weeks. Take a look at our store and place your order today.