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Horus Vision

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Horus Vision Calibration Tools

An instrument is only as accurate as its calibration. Tuning of the instruments must be performed with the proper setup. Long-range rifles and scopes are no exception. Enter Horus Vision's Combination Accuracy Targeting System (CATS) calibration system and Angle Slope Level Indicator (ASLI). Together, they bring the rifle and scope relationship effectively to real-world conditions. They give you the confidence in your equipment that you can only get with certified precision tools.

Horus Vision Scopes

It's a straightforward proposition the more light that passes through the scope, the better you can see and the more accurately you can shoot. Horus Vision builds all our scopes using the best glass and best coatings available. They are unparalleled in brightness and clarity, from the center to the edges of the lens. Our optics were independently tested to be on par with the world's best, and our demanding calibration means a mil is a true mil, no matter what.