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The G3 is a NATO battle rifle that was developed in the 1950s by a German armament manufacturer called Heckler & Koch GmbH in collaboration with CETME, a Spanish state-owned development, and design agency. This is a highly accurate battle rifle. If you prefer an accurate semi-automatic for DMR or sniping work, the lack of moving parts that affect its barrel harmonics make this the perfect rifle. Mounting Solutions Plus stocks a variety of high-quality, affordable HK accessories for your rifle.

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The trigger packs, forearms, pistol grips and stocks can all be easily interchanged on this rifle depending on your mission or preferences. There is a variety of excellent scope mounts, too, that can be added and will allow users to take advantage of the array of optics. There are also several variants of the factory-installed rail available, so if you have a rifle without a rail, you can easily select one from our range of HK accessories, including a handguard rail and low profile variety. One of the biggest advantages of the G3 is that it has quick detachable optics that are reliable and rugged, no matter the use.

G3 rifles can be configured as battle rifles, DMR or even have a hand grenade launcher attached depending on the mission. All these modifications can quickly and easily be made by the end user during an operation.

Take a look at our HK accessories that include claw mounts, extension rails, recoil buffer, adjustable stock, handguard rail and low mount. All these tactical products are high-quality accessories at affordable prices.

Mounting Solutions Plus is a recognized consultant to the law enforcement, firearms, and military industries and we regularly work with other companies to solve manufacturing and design issues. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest firearm products and add-ons, and we retain a Master Mechanist our customers can talk should they have any queries or are looking for unique solutions. Take a look at our vast range of firearms and other products and place your order today.