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Glock 27 Magazine Extension

Glock 27 Magazine Extension

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The Glock 27 is a highly respected compact handgun popular for personal defense and concealed carry. While the standard magazine capacity of the Glock 27 is 9 rounds, some shooters may wish to increase this capacity for additional firepower or for competition purposes. One way to do this is by using a Glock 27 magazine extension, also known as a Glock 27 mag extension.

A Glock 27 magazine extension is a device that attaches to the base of the magazine and increases the magazine's capacity by adding additional rounds. This can be a convenient option for those who want to enhance the firepower of their Glock 27 without having to carry extra magazines.

Several types of Glock 27 magazine extensions are available, each offering a different capacity increase. Some add just one or two extra rounds, while others can add several more. The exact capacity increase will depend on the specific extension chosen.

Installing a Glock 27 magazine extension is generally a simple process, with most extensions requiring the user to slide them onto the base of the magazine and secure them in place. It is crucial to carefully follow the instructions provided with the extension to ensure proper installation and function.

It's worth noting that while Glock 27 magazine extensions can be a useful tool for increasing the capacity of your Glock 27, they may also affect the fit and function of the firearm. It is essential to thoroughly test the firearm after installing a magazine extension to ensure proper operation.

In conclusion, a Glock 27 magazine extension can be a valuable addition for those seeking to increase the capacity of their Glock 27. It's essential to carefully consider the specific extension chosen and to test the firearm after installation to ensure proper function.


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