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Fiber Optic Sight Rods (Red, Green or Amber)
    Fiber Optic Sight Rods (Red, Green or Amber)
    Purchase Fiber Optic Sight Rods (Red, Green or Amber)
    • Fiber Optic Sight Rods (Red, Green or Amber)
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    Fiber Optic Rods for Gun Sights - Sold by the foot

    Restores Your Fiber Optic Sight's Bright, Glowing Dot

    If you are an individual who prefers a fiber optic front sight on your firearm, you may soon discover (if you haven’t already) that the delicate fiber optic insert is nothing more than just an incredibly small piece of plastic, which means they may unfortunately break more than you’d like or have anticipated.

    Optical-grade, fiber-optic-sight-rods are able replace broken rods on a wide variety of different brands of fiber optic sights. They are designed to channel natural sunlight through their plastic body in order to produce a clear luminous dot that is able to draw your attention to the front sight to obtain the perfect aim in no time at all. Available in four diameters to fit most fiber optic sights. .060" diameter rod fits most shotgun sights and .125" wide pistol sights. .040" fits most rifle and some shotgun sights, plus .090" wide pistol sights. .030" and .020" rods fit competition-style, rifle sights. . Before purchasing your fiber-optic-sight-rods always ensure you take the correct measurements to avoid disappointment.

    More than just a piece of plastic

    That’s right, fiber-optic-sight-rods are more than just a delicate piece of plastic, they are a scientific component which has been produced in order to capture, fluoresce, and emit light through an incredibly precise orb. Fiber-optic-sight-rods are composed of a core layer of unique material which is initially impregnated with a fluorescing compound that responds to ultraviolet light. The material is then securely surrounded by a very thin layer which has a refraction index that is different from the initial core. Ultraviolet light is able to enter through either side of the fiber optic where it remains trapped due to the differing refractive indices of both the core and sheathed layer. Ultraviolet light reacts with the material inside the core to fluoresce and project a visible light out one end of the tube. This means, the longer the tube is, the more light can enter before being projected out one end. And what’s great about fiber optics, is that even on a dull day without a lot of sunlight, there is still ultraviolet light that can still be utilised in order to power the fiber optic.

    Repairing your fiber optic

    Some shooters have been heard highlighting that fiber optic front sights are not appropriate for practical use due to be exceptionally fragile. There is also a significant risk that in some optics the fiber-optic-sight-rods even fall out entirely. This means that your fiber-optic-sight-rod will need to be replaced or repaired.

    If your fiber-optic-rod falls out of the front sight, it’s always worth to remember that the remaining blade face is still intact, and there is still an abundance of metal in order for you to line up in the rear sight. Different designs and models of optic sights will have different methods in order to protect the optic fiber, which means it is important to consider how the fiber is mounted along with the overall width and length of your sight. Longer sights that house fiber that is more exposed but are guaranteed to collect greater levels of light, but are far more prone to the possible risk of damage when compared to a shorter length sight.


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