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Conversion & Universal Rifle Mounts

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Conversion & Universal Rifle Mounts
Finding the right kind of universal rifle mounts for your gun can take some time. However, we have plenty of different options for you when you are planning on finding one that will work for the type of gun you have and when you want it to hold up for years to come.

You might want to check out our Aim Sports Dovetail. It's 11mm or 3/8” with a black finish. Not all guns work with conversion rifle mounts, so you might want to try the product out or do some research to see whether or not it will work with the type of gun that you are planning on using it for. One of the great things about this product is that it offers nine slots, so you can adjust according to what kind of gun you have and what you are planning on using it for. It's made with aircraft grade aluminum and is finished black, so it looks good too.

We also have a PRI Accuracy Conversion Tactical Quality Base. It's also made of aluminum and is one of the finest conversion rifle mounts on the market. It is specially designed for scopes or night vision devices, making it easy to mount on several different types of guns. The between the mounting point is 3.13”. It's tough and built to stand up to any elements.

Knowing you have the right universal rifle mounts for your gun can take some research and time. You might want to consider talking to our customer service agents who can help you with any questions you might have. You can also test out a few products until you know what you want and then order it online from us for a cheaper price and a better return value. Take your time so you know that you end up with the right mount for you and the make and model of your gun. You want it to be able to hold up for a long time, and so you can use it for years after you purchase it.