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AmeriGlo Industrial Light Sticks

AmeriGlo Industrial Light Sticks

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AmeriGlo light sticks provide lighting that is reliable and adequate in power outages and crisis situations. They're a vital item for home, office, auto, and emergency kits. AmeriGlo light sticks safely and adequately illuminate for up to 12 hours. Safe to be used in restricted spaces, AmeriGlo light sticks are far safer and more reliable to use than candles and heat/spark generating resources. AmeriGlo 6 inches light sticks come individually wrapped, supplying a 4year shelf life. Made in the USA.

AmeriGlo 6" light rod is individually foil wrapped to ensure bright and dependable light when necessary. AmeriGlo's six light stick is the only US Military approved light rod with a particular hook. Emergency personnel and troops favor AmeriGlo light sticks for its flexibility in the field, utilizing this specific hook.

  • Safe & Dependable to Use
  • Meets Military Specifications
  • Ideal for Long-Term Storage - up to 4 Years
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9002 Certified Facility
  • Various Colors and Sizes
  • Provides up to 12 Hours of Useable Light
  • Complies with Defense Logistics NSN Standards