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The Aimpoint Micro series is a unique set of sights that are designed to be extremely light, while still retaining all the useful features of a typically sized sight. Aimpoint has created a sight that only weighs 3.7oz and that with the mount included!

Equipment weight can lower the performance of operators when they have to work continuously for many hours on the field. Long hunts, operations, and training sessions need practical and inconspicuous equipment. The Aimpoint Micro will do precisely that, by being small, essential and light.

It can work continuously for five whole years without a battery change, thanks to its superior ACET technology. The Micro will withstand any weather conditions while offering plenty of brightness setting to choose from. Improve your accuracy, flexibility and aiming confidence by using this little wonder of a sight. There are plenty types of Micros to choose from to suit your specific needs. So browse through the selection and get the Aimpoint Micro that best suits you are aiming needs!