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The Bushmaster ACR firearm was first revealed at the 2007 SHOT Show in Orlando, and it created quite an uproar among other semi-automatics unveiled at the same Show. The firearm promises both versatility and first-rate ergonomics in the form of it’s adaptability to alternate calibres and quick-change barrel capability.

The Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR) design was previously owned by Magpul, whom later sold it to Bushmaster, because it didn’t have the needed resources at the time to produce the gun. It wouldn’t have been an easy task for Magpul to bring a gun like that into the marketplace. So, Bushmaster and Remington, both being a member of the Freedom Group family of firearm companies pulled their resources to make the ACR a reality. Although Magpul sold its rights to the ACR, it still remained involved in the development of the gun.

Both Remington and Bushmaster sell the ACRs. Remington handles the sales to military and federal law enforcement while Bushmaster handles civilian sales. Bushmaster being the original purchaser of the rights to the design offers two models of the ACR; the Basic model (with polymer fore-end and fixed stock) and the enhanced model (with quad-rail aluminium fore-end and folding stock).