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Tapco Timbersmith Wooden AK & SKS Stocks

As AK47 is like a weapon, there are few rifles that cannot use a stock upgrade. They appear to be made for small folks, and most Americans are large men and women. SKS rifles are worse. These stocks are weathered in cosmoline and slippery, in addition to being undersized. Timbersmith is a brand new product family from Tapco, the king of Americans made replacement stocks, magazines, and just about every aftermarket part you may imagine. These brand new wooden stocks are a classy addition to your complete field of polymer stocks in the Tapco line. I figure to bring them out under this new name, Timbersmith, is made To help consumers understand that these are not the same parts with another name.

These are real wood stocks plus they come from the redwood collection, and a regular hardwood, a brown laminate, and black laminate. The SKS stock is a Monte Carlo variety. Also, I've to say tasteful. I'm someone who'd never think to upgrade an SKS to a good deer rifle, but if you're, this stock is something else. It is available in all the red color, and also has a laminate they call camouflage because it's greenish. They make a left and right handed as well. And there's a standard SKS style inventory with a cheek piece if you only need to get the cosmoline sponge from your otherwise nice and useable SKS rifle.

We at Mounting Solutions Plus proudly offer you the TimberSmith AK-47 Stock Set, TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock, TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock and TimberSmith SKS Thumbhole Stock. All of the SKS versions are available in right-handed models with Timber Smith.

With great reviews and customer satisfaction as a track record, TimberSmith is sure to be the ideal rifle for you in terms of looks, utility, and finishing.