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TacRack - Handgun Slide Assist

TacRack - Handgun Slide Assist

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TacRack Racking Made Easier

If you have issues when it comes to racking the slide on your pistol, you may want to consider the TacRack from Wright Shooting. The TacRack is now available for M&P and Glock pistols, and it replaces the striker retainer plate on the weapon. Sliding is much easier thanks to the handle that extends out to the side so that you can get a better grip on the slider. The TacRack is in some ways similar to the charging handle found on the AR15, only smaller.

The purpose of the TacRack is to make racking the slide easier with one hand, and it also provides room for those who enjoy having running optics on their pistols as well. You can purchase the TacRack for as little as $29.99, and there are engraved versions that sell for just a little more. In this manner, you can find the TacRack that best suits your needs.

Crafted from 6061 aluminum, the TacRack was first developed by Brandon Wright and subsequently engineered by Fritz Borke. The TacRack is also CNC machined for the perfect fit and appropriate for anyone who has a Glock or M&P pistol. The overall purpose of the TacRack was to reduce the number of hands needed to rack the weapon from two to one to increase efficiency and reliability. The TacRack is the simple, straightforward solution that is a must for those who own the qualifying pistols.


  • Grip enhancement on the slide
  • Assists with locking slide to the rear of the weapon
  • One or two hand racking options
  • Assists w/racking when optic mount on the side
  • One hand reloads, helps with handling malfunctions.
  • Adds charging handle to your slide

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