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Mesa Tactical have recently expanded their current stock options for the 20ga Remington shotguns. Mesa Tactical, a known supplier of robust, durable and reliable tactical gear for both military, law enforcement and personal protection has now introduced a new type of adapter for the popular 20 gauge Remington 870 shotguns, which can be use in 12 gauge 870 butt stocks. We introduce to you the Lucy™ Adapter. This stock adapter, in particular, is mind numbingly simple and effortlessly bolts to the back of your 20 ga Remington 870 receiver. Once bolted on securely Lucy allows the 12 gauge stock to then securely bolt to the adapter. By including this adapter to your firearm, you are greatly increasing the abundance of many options and availability of different butt-stocks for your 20 gauge shotgun. The 20 ga Remington 870 is an ideal platform for personal defense, but in the past has unfortunately had a significant lack of tactical butt-stock offerings when placed in comparison with its 12 gauge counterpart. Nevertheless, The Lucy Adapter now solves this unwanted problem.

The adapter received its name from Mesa Tactical’s Sales Director, Ms. Lucy Espinoza. After receiving an incredible amount of requests for Mesa Tactical’s exceedingly popular Urbino Stock for the 20 gauge Remington 870, and also being a fan of the 20 gauge herself, she decided to push for the necessary development of this fantastic adapter.