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For majority of us, the AR-15 nuts we possess and do not take seriously present many wonderful flexible stocks to select from. However, there are a few unlucky ones who reside in specific states which have prohibited any stocks which are flexible or foldable for Semi-Automatic Rifles.

Normally, this signifies you need to utilize the A2 buttstock (retro appearance) or purchase a buttstock which is flexible, that has been attached to the buffer tube.
This does not mean that the A2 stock is terrible. The retro appearance certainly has its fans and is a great part of the AR-15’s background. However, at times you become bored of the monotony.

This was the feeling experienced by the MAGS LLC people. They therefore resolved to take action about this and created the EFX-A fixed stock. I believe they have truly produced a fixed stock which looks lovely.

It somehow makes me remember the Vltor EMOD stock; however, not in a stock which is flexible. It presents a storage compartment of adequate size, a broad rubber buttpad and has a couple of QD attachment ports.

This might be the step to take if you require a fixed stock for your AR-15. Even if you do not require one, you may be enticed by the appearance and go for it as well.

The latest fixed stock of EFX-A1 is present at Mounting Solutions Plus.


  • Inclined cheek welds
  • A1 height
  • Numerous sling attachment areas of webbed sling
  • QD Cup insert which is two sided is added
  • Large Storage Cavity
  • Rubber buttpad which is overmolded
  • 17 ounces of solid mass