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The Genius of the HIPERTOUCH Fire-control

HIPERTOUCH® FCGs have uniquely solved two problems with stock AR triggers and AR trigger upgrades respectively: 1) High Trigger Weight, and 2) Low Hammer Fall Energy.

Trigger Weight: The real culprit behind the high trigger pull weight is the high-frequency impact force that produces friction. To get around this, the stock AR, hammer, and trigger mechanical advantage has been changed and the toggle spring feature added to reduce the force on the trigger sear. Designers of two-phase products have changed the functional location of the principal sear, HIPERFIRE's design has not, retaining the stock design's single phase simplicity. This can be very essential when the stock triggers are pulled; the hammer camera action signs collapse is imminent. When 2 phase triggers are pulled, the closing higher weight stage also indicates hammer fall.

This may lead to the flinching problem most of us know about. Some prefer to say the better two stage triggers have a glass rod or a candy cane such as breaks down to sell the idea that they do not signal collapse. Whatever the case, the HIPERTOUCH does not signify since the cause weight is constant over the entire stroke. Hammer Fall Energy: HIPERTOUCH includes the exceptional toggle spring functionality that reduces activate weight, but while doing this, it increases hammer fall energy by over 35% over the MIL spec stock design, and each activate upgrade on the marketplace.

This enables the shooter to ignite hard MIL and foreign primers as well as difficult to ignite 22 rimfire ammunition. HIPERTOUCH FCGs keep Eugene Stoner's design of easy elegance while remaining robust, without the gritty feel. Shooting for accuracy isn't any longer an impossible task. It is no longer required to improve the stock functionality by manually polishing the large friction trigger and hammer sear surfaces, in which the result was only slightly better anyway. Sportsmen and marksmen have been turning into activate upgrades with varying levels of satisfaction. The best replacements were one and 2 phase triggers with fixed closing weights which range from between two¾, and 4¼, pounds with what some have predicted a glass rod or candy cane activate break.

The HIPERFIRE AR, accessory response to all those shooter's searching for a single step and very much improved, match quality, rdquo & AR, activate upgrade that delivers performance is the HIPERTOUCH®. It succeeds in unmodified standard AR-15 and AR-10 type lower receivers at the same way as stock AR, causes and hammers without having to remove the safety selector. It's comprised of 3 subassemblies: the trigger, hammer, and toggle, spring bands. Each of the parts is made from carbon steel alloys which have been hardened for wear and strength. It includes extraordinarily low cause weight with a smooth pre-travel, an extremely clean hammer version without a report to break, match action response, and a faster hammer lock-up. Only now with HIPERTOUCH hammer and trigger actions does AR, trigger squeeze, have real significance.