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Most of us know HiperFire to be a small company located in the state of Minnesota that is committed to the production of amazingly popular mockups of fire control groups (also called FCG) for the AR platform. HiperFire has shown multitudes of fans and enthusiasts of the brand a new and exciting approach towards the people’s favorite AR FCG. There is a certainty that their product is the first of its kind. However, they have even embarked on a real winning race with the brand new design just manufactured. With an incredibly crisp trigger, the HiperFire offers an exceptionally smooth trigger pull. In this trigger groups, the HiperFire adds more amazement with the lock times it achieves. To win the competition in the ever-growing AR market, the small company, HiperFire, has succeeded in producing triggers of a real diamond grade.

What are the features to look for in an AR-15 trigger?

You will want to avoid triggers with pre-travel or creep and focus on those that will achieve a crisp break once the trigger’s hammer falls. It is also important to look out for triggers with a fresh reset as well as a relatively lightweight trigger pull. Finally, one should not forget the importance of reliability and warrant aspects of these products.

HiperFire’s fantastic batch of products that were released last year has found their way to the top of the list of favorite new arrival brands winning the competition in a crowded marketplace of quality aftermarket AR-15 products.

What performance should I expect a HiperFire trigger to deliver?

When considering the HiperFire triggers by their lock time, pull weight, and feel, then you are bound to be thrown into amazement. Even though the feel varies slightly across the different HyperFire triggers, they all deliver excellent and amazingly light crisp pull. According to the claim by HiperFire, their triggers feature a lock time reduction of 25 to 50% respectively.

How does the price of HiperFire triggers compare with other brands?

The world of AR products provides you with many great competitors that offer their products at various prices ranging between $210 and $300. However, Hiperfire offers its Hiperfire Hipertouch 24E and 24C for only $215 and $235 respectively. These triggers will make any competitive shooter proud. Lets’ also remember that there are lots of amateurs and professional video online to guide and help you through the installation and modification processes, making every bit of it simple. Being a US made product, you get a limited lifetime warranty on your purchase, and this reassures you that your hard earnt money is well spent.

You will be impressed by the accuracy increase, user adjustable pull weights, and overall feel of the HiperFire selection of triggers. The exceptional quality of this trigger brand concerning fitting and finish is undoubtedly sure. If your market research for high-quality aftermarket trigger lands you any of the HiperFire triggers, then you’ve made the best choice for your purchase.