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Ballistic Calculator & Computers

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Mounting Solutions Plus supports you in trying your best to make your shooting experience one that is accurate and safe for others. The Ballistic calculator and computers- weapon mounted and optical ranging devices- are hence stocked for you.

We understand your requirement to find out how the bullet "flies" from one point to the other. Extending from the numbers provided by the manufacturers of ammunition, the external ballistics are calculated as one of the 3 ballistic types (internal, external, and terminal). These help you predict to the most accurate point possible, the detailed trajectory of firing of a bullet from the time you squeeze that trigger to the time that the bullets energy is totally spent and the action than energy has on the target.  

In this line of products we bring to you some of the most sophisticated software supported Ballistic Calculator and Computers in the market. Very simple to use, your data once plugged into software generates and charts your bullets flight.