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AR10 Cleaning Kit / .308 Cleaning Kit

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Your automatic rifle needs a cleaning schedule to be at its optimum. Experts advise to think of the upper receiver assembly as a piston in a cylinder, like in an engine. The piston and cylinder need lube to allow the piston to move smoothly within the cylinder. The same principle applies to your AR's operating system. Always check to make sure your gun is unloaded before cleaning.

Use good quality lube, a good cleaning kit, good quality ammunition and life with your new AR10 (or any DI AR, for that matter) will be good. Inspect your gun as you clean. Check your firearms for wear and cracks when you clean. Consult a qualified gunsmith for any necessary repairs.
They also suggest that you should clean the bolt and carrier as directed by the owners’ manual. We at Mounting Solutions Plus stock products that help to clean the hard to reach but essential parts as well as all over.