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The charging handle which results in the hammer or striker being cocked or moved to the ready position; thereby allowing the operator to pull the bolt to the rear, facilitating many functions must be carefully chosen for your firearm. Many factors influence the choice of the charging handle, most important of which is that these vary significantly between firearms these are important if the weapon is for tactical use.

To assist you in making a choice besides based on the mode of firearm you are making the choice for, here are some of the functions of the charging handle:

  • Ejecting a spent shell casing /unfired cartridge from the chamber.
  • Loading a round through the chamber.
  • Clearing a stoppage such as a jam, double feed, stovepipe or misfire.
  • Verification that the weapon's chamber is clear.
  • Moving the bolt in to battery.
  • Releasing a bolt locked to the rear.

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