Weaver Tactical Offset Rail Adaptor

Weaver Tactical Offset Rail Adaptor

Weaver Tactical Offset Rail Adaptor

Quickly go from a primary, magnified optic to red dot action—without head shift—with the new Weaver Offset Rail Adaptor. This mount attaches to any Picatinny spec rail and allows shooters to attach a miniature red dot in the offset position. This mount can also be used for lights or other accessories that typically attach to a Picatinny spec rail.

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Customer Reviews

This allows mounting of my red dot site canted away from my scopes field of vision. Long range, use scope, short range rotate the gun, shoot through the red dot mounted on this. Life is good - used on my AR-15 22.

Nice finish, great machined unit, better made than its price would subjest.

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MSP Code: 105-WVR-99671
UPC Code: 76683996718
Price: $23.63

Status: Status: On Backorder, will take extra time to ship
(average out of 222 votes: 3.1 stars)

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